best hair growth for girls

I am not exaggerating because I am going to tell you some of the best hair growth methods for girls only and I have seen it myself.

1)I only clean it twice a week and I mean if I clean it daily it will buckle or crack

2)Rice water: how should we use rice water? Soak a little rice in water and then put it on the fire for 10 minutes and then take it off and pour the cooled water on your hair. Leave it on for 1 hour and then wash your hair this should be done twice a week

3)Do not choose small filters because small filters are very harmful to our hair so use large filters

4)it will help you to avoid breakage when you sleep or twice in the evening and you don’t have to wrap the shashi all the time because the heat can damage our hair

so make sure you try this method at home to maintain and grow your hair and be blessed

Having long hair will multiply your sinboo, make you nattoo, make you beautiful even if you are ugly, if you have long hair you will be very lovely hair is the glory of a virgin and you are not beautiful without hair so always love and take care of it

  You know this!

The virgin got married
How can we know?
Don’t worry about it
Listen to me, for example

You don’t listen to family advice
She lies and shuts her ears
While you see it in the house
She steps on the pot and stumbles

She ignored family orders
The area is borrowed
And when they send them to the market
You won’t get in on time

She likes to look at herself
She changed a hundred clothes
She squeezed her hairphone to herself
Listening and staying singing

What the family told him
She gets off there and forgets
Get something on my clothes
She runs away from making ittoo

She calls out the boy’s name
If he suddenly falls out of hand
Which the family is unaware of
Where did this name come from?

She says I’m tired of the house
She sat next to her family
Sing with TikTok
She put the ittoo on the fire

Now that I have told you
Take you as an example
A virgin who has reached marriage
We can tell by this

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